Based on two exhibitions “Luminous Emptiness” and “Talking walls”, I decided to put together this book with some stories and related narratives for my paintings.  The inspirations I received was based on the experience I got over the years, until 2008, during my work in many war-torn countries like Croatia, Rwanda, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, and Lebanon, among other fascinating places with long periods of conflict. Driven by my curiosity as I leaned new cultures, I took the opportunity to visit historic places despite the occasional dangers.


I diligently took notes and made photographs of historic places I visited.  I was attracted to anything that appeared old, decayed, and beaten up by the elements of weather and time. I imagined the natural and organic evolutions of monuments, walls, and the inherited stories within. Years later, I started to paint abstracts of what I saw and recalled of those places.


The beauty of decay, and the destruction and transformation of historical structures, whether through nature or human actions, struck me as significant. I was inspired by the variety of unspoken responses that are revealed by walls and the remaining ruins. I found that the walls talk and the messages they convey are luminous. While much emptiness remains, my impressions are related to the richness of place that once existed during past ‘golden periods’.


This hardcover book has 68 pages (24 x 30 cm).