Having abandoned painting based on ‘subject matter’ and committing to a deliberate process, what emerges are abstractions. What remains important is its physicality, ownership, intuition and personal story. While creating gestural work in abstract form, I revisit various places I have been around the world, and reflect upon places and objects.

My paintings are intended to provoke a deep personal feeling and to associate it not just through a static image but though an iterative interaction with its forms and content.

The process of making art is an interesting paradigm for me.  Some of my paintings are based on singular events, objects, or conditions that are somewhat unique to the places I have visited; vast horizons of Iraq to the magnanimity of Beqaa Valley in Lebanon, to the parched landscapes of Jordan to the breathtaking mountains of Switzerland are just a few.  The emotions that come out of such places are singularities.  Some others paintings are repetitions of either singular events or of common themes I have collected in the form of a series.