Dedications to Our Planet

This series is inspired by the diverse nature of our planet.

The Origins

This painting is a vision of “The origin” of the oceans goes back to the time of the earth’s formation 4. 6 billion years ago, when our planet was forming through the accumulation of smaller objects, called planetesimals.

Origins 40 x 50 ColdWax & Oil
ID#: 4017 Origins 40x50 cm ColdWax & Oil

Arid Land

“Arid Land” – the Xeric or desertic nature of Jerash, Jordan.

Arid Land of Petra 40 x 50 Cold Wax & Oil
ID#: 4002 Arid Land of Petra 40x50 cm ColdWax & Oil

Walls of Evolution

Cave or rock paintings are painted on cave or rock walls and ceilings, usually dating to prehistoric times even 40,000 years ago.  This is dedicated to one of them.

Walls of Evolution 40x50 ColdWax & Oil Mixed Media depicting cave painting and mark of human identity
ID#: 4035 Walls of Evolution 40x50 cm ColdWax&Oil Mixed Media

Crack of Enigma

This is another dedication to the walls of evolution.

Crack of Enigma 40x50 ColdWax & Oil
ID#: 4033 Crack of Enigma 40x50 cm ColdWax & Oil