Exhibition at Barefoot Gallery, Colombo Sri Lanka

3 – 31 October 2019

Luminous Emptiness is a series of gestural work that portrays the juxtaposition of vivid cultures and physical devastation in unique places that I have visited. Unfortunately, some of these places no longer exist due to the deliberate destruction or natural deterioration, leaving what remains to be preserved in memories or told through nostalgic stories. In my paintings, the emptiness in the form relates to the presence (or absence) of these historical places, while the luminosity describes the richness of cultures, art, and its people.

This cold wax and oil mixed-media series 

Through the use of Oil and Cold Wax Mixed Media together with various forms of pigments, I am able to selectively reduce the surface of the painting to bring out the multitude of hidden layers creating depth and a sense of fragility. Singularities and repetitions are reflected in some of his paintings which are based on specific events, objects, or conditions. The vast horizons of Iraq to the magnanimity of Beqaa Valley in Lebanon, to the parched landscapes of Jordan, and the breathtaking mountains of Switzerland are just a few examples.