Memories of Trees

The year-to-year variation in tree-ring widths and isotopic abundances gives clues to the prevailing climate at the time the tree is living. The beauty in nature is captured on these surfaces.

Bois Massif 42x56 ColdWax&Oil
ID#: 4041 Bois Massif 40x50 cm ColdWax & Oil
The Hidden Story 42x56 ColdWax & Oil
ID#: 4043 The Hidden Story 40x50 cm ColdWax & Oil
Les Memoires des Arbres 42x56 ColdWax & Oil
ID#: 4242 Les Memoires des Arbres 42x56 cm ColdWax & Oil
Two of a kind 40x50 ColdWax and Oil
ID#: 4019 Two of a Kind 40x50 cm ColdWax & Oil