River Nile

The Nile River, considered the longest river in the world, is approximately 4,258 miles (6,853 kilometers) long.  Known as both the “Father of Life” and the “Mother of All Men,” the Nile was the center of life in Ancient Egypt and I had the privilege to witness it all in early 2000.

River Nile II 40x50 ColdWax & Oil
ID#: 4022B River Nile II 40x50 cm ColdWax & Oil
River Nile I 40x50 ColdWax & Oil
ID#: 4022A River Nile 40x50 cm ColdWax & Oil
River Nile III 40x50 ColdWax & Oil
ID#: 4022C River Nile III 40x50 cm ColdWax & Oil