Wall of Remembrance, Wall of Hope

Among my first impressions while in Lebanon was the number of abandoned buildings resulting from long periods of civil war. In particular, I was inspired by the vast, elegant buildings whose yellow walls and graceful pillars have been ravaged by thousands of bullet holes. Over time, these buildings have become symbolic of all of Beirut’s elegance, wealth and the violence that began in 1924.

Many mansions in central Beirut built in the early 1900s are charming reimaginings of Ottoman and European styles: groups of three arches topping slender pillars and tall windows, read roofs, balconies overlooking the Mediterranean, and airy salons where richly coloured tiles glowed beneath crystal chandeliers.

Wall of Remembrance 60 x 80 oil & cold wax
ID# 4103 Wall of Remembrance 60 x 80 cm
Wall of Hope IV 60 x 80 oil & cold wax
ID# 4110 Wall of Hope 60 x 80 cm