Alternate methods

Alternate Methods

Raw material which artists use are not too expensive when you buy them in bulk.  However, some specialized mediums such as Cold Wax, professional quality Oil paint, board or other painting surfaces could run into several hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on where you purchase them.  Would it be interesting to try and see if we could substitute with some other natural substance that are either free or inexpensive to make or buy? I had this thought for years but truly have not had the opportunity to try them out.  For example, have you thought of substituting the primary colors red, yellow and blue with ground red brick, Turmeric Powder, and Washing Blue or Laundry Blue?  Most other colors could be made using a combination of those products or adding ground Charcoal or wood Ash.  I am not an expert in making paint but anyone should be able to follow a similar process of making paint using pigment dusts mixing with oil or a paint medium.  Please comment if you have tried.  I would love to hear your comments on this..   Also anyone has an idea for white oil paint?

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