Luminous Emptiness

New Exhibition at Barefoot Gallery currently displaying my series of work Luminous Emptiness which will be exhibited from October 4 October – 8 November 2019. 

Luminous Emptiness is therefore a series of gestural work that portrays the juxtaposition of vivid cultures and physical devastation in unique places that I have visited. Unfortunately, some of these places no longer exist due to the deliberate destruction or natural deterioration, leaving what remains to be preserved in memories or told through nostalgic stories. In his paintings, the emptiness in the form relates to the presence (or absence) of these historical places, while the luminosity describes the richness of cultures, art, and its people. This is my first exhibition in Sri Lanka.



” Thank you and congratulations to my Uni friend Nalin Indrasena for a fabulous evening of viewing his outstanding creativity, a series of 56 paintings brought to life through the unusual combination of Oil and Cold Wax Media together with various forms of pigments. His Exhibition ‘Luminous Emptiness’ at the Barefoot Gallery is indeed a triumph. Bold, breathtakingly beautiful, thought provoking and different – elucidating its mysterious concepts and imagery from around the world. It’s been awhile since I’ve been so moved, so impressed. The exhibition is on all month – that’s how good it is! Everyone who possibly can should definitely hot foot it to the Barefoot Gallery – seriously. Just beautiful! Wow Nalin – you sure made us stop, step back, hold our breath and think. The entire world of our experience is constantly appearing and disappearing at every moment – nothing is permanent, nothing is fixed. “

— Dushy Parakrama, October 2019

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