What Inspired Me

Moving from country to country during my tenure at the UN is a major psychological challenge when you are expected to fulfill your duties under stressful conditions and within very short mission mandates. Fighting malaria, chickenpox and living in containers or makeshift houses did not make it any easier either. This moved all of us towards helping each other and to build a strong sense of community among the colleagues.  I noticed that art and music were tremendously helpful to achieve solace in those trying times. I realized that much of my insights that I now use in my art were coming from a combination of treacherous conditions and rewards that were present then. I believe that such extremes could carve out your internal thought process and therefore the inspirations I got in the art I generate, particularly the color tones and their layout with both loud and quiet conversations on the same Arches paper. So, contemplate on similar situation you must have gone through, never mind how easy or tough they were, and you too might be naturally inspired to create… or to improve what you are already creating. Any thoughts?

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